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December, 30th


Goldie x Carlos drenge hjemme til Nytårs Klip💙 🎉 🥳





Det er ganske vist... hvalpe forventes slut januar/ først februar 🥰





December, 27th


Wohoooo TEXAS goes BEST IN SHOW in Russia

We are proud breeders of this amazing Brown boy

Truly Yours MUST BE LOVE🥰

Congratulations Anna Khrustaleva and Maria.





December, 17th


Fantastisk billede af vores hvalpe, taget af Jan Buk

Skønt at se det bruges som reklame for en fantastisk forsikring hos "Agria".




December, 15th


3 shows... 3 CABIBS ... our beautiful TEXAS

Truly Yours Must Be Love

Owned by Anna Khrustaleva

Congratulations, we are extremely proud of you.







Hvalpe ventes sidst  januar/start februar.

Alle på ventelisten må gerne opdatere sig via e-mail.





December, 12th

I dag kom Ramona med Ziggi fra Goldies kuld for at få hvalpeklippet og badet ham; en service vi giver alle vores hvalpekøbere.

Dejligt med gensynsglæde.





December, 8th

2 years ago we picked up this beautiful dog i USA.

Ryan is so special to us. Knowing him is loving him, funny with tons of energy.

USA CH Lysgate Loud'n Clear




December, 5th


Beautifull day!!! Great results!!!

28.11.2020: 2 x NDS, Moscow

Truly Yours Russian Man of Steel aka Rush

New champion of Russia

Our results:

2 x CAC

2 x BOB

2 x BIG1








November, 28th


Brownie is retired from the show ring...

Not because we had planned to retire her, but all shows have been cacelled.

Keeping up a show dog in top condition is a really hard jov....and hair is just beauty for our eyes....dogs themselves love to have short hair.

Brownie is still in Finland due to Cvoid-19. Breeding plans for 2021.






November, 27th


Kan anbefales!!




November, 25th


All our plans for 2020 was stopped by the Covid-19

but we have some amazing wins and lots of fun with Tanja Elo .... totally GIRL POWER

Truly Crazy in love aka Polly

is best Junior American Cocker 2020

Our brown beauty won BOB on the only international show our Danish Kennel Club sould celebrate this year

and we can add two more titles to her name BISS USACH DKCH FINCH Yours Truly We Have A Brown Secret.







November, 13th


Say hello to Christopher!! K-Lines Let's Party


Beautiful dog / Great pedigree

Son of America's number 1 american cocker "Charlie"

Thank you Lisa Arnett for the opportunity.

When travelling is safe again, we will bring him to Denmark.





November, 11th

Se med, når der er webinar.




November, 7th


Sådan!! Dommerens favorit!!!

Bestået rallyprøve med lidt førerfejl!!!

Stolte af et skønne par Loke og Eva Ferdinansen.




October, 25th


Truly Yours Power og Love


Owner: Rui Jorge da Silva





September, 22nd


The picture is here

Truly Yours Chasing Dreams

Best in Show Puppy

We love this young boy. Next time he will be in Junior Class.




September, 20th

It took longer time than expected and the campaign we had planned was spoiled by Cobiv-19.

But today Brownie is back in business and can finally add the two new titles to her name. Brand new Finnish and Danish champion

and as young she finished her USACH Truly Yours We Have A Brown Secret

We are so happy and a million thanks to Tanja Elo for loving her and keeping her in great condition .... groomed exclusively with YUUP Products.





August, 17th


Best In Show
Truly Yours Power Of love.
Proud breeders !!









August, 16th


Truly Yours Power Of Love
Best in Show in Latvia today
Owner Rui Jorge da Silva







Dagens Spaniel-udstilling dømt af Hanne Laine
Vi var repræsenteret med 4 af de 7 tilmeldte hunde.





Dagens BIS 2 Baby






Bis 2 Baby
Bis 1 og 2 Hvalp





Truly Yours Clear Horizon
Cert og BIM





Truly Yours Chasing Dreams “”Jaden”
Truly Yours Just A Dream “Karla”
Bedste han og tæve hvalp og
BIS 1 Hvalp og Bis 2 Hvalp







Bounty havde showdebut i dag med flot kritik og bedste Baby...
Truly Yours Bounty Beach Beauty Dream




August, 12th


Proud is an understatement, when I see this absolutely amazing Brown Girl,

bred by me and Michael Hammerich and in top condition in the magic hands of Tanja Elo.

No shows for the moment.

USACH Truly Yours We Have A Brown Secret

A million thanks Tanja for keeping her so nice!!! Groomed and conditioned with YUUP.





August, 9th


Shopping and having an appointment with Ryan’s new Girl friend.
He sure has enjoyed being on tour with mum
Simply love this fun boy
UsaCH Lydgate Loud N’ Clear




July, 31st


Proud is an understatement
Truly Yours Must Be Love (Texas)
Best in VIII group show in Mowcow 25.07.2020
Best in speciality Show in Rybinsk 26.07.2020
Congratuletions to my dear Charlotte Hansen and Maria Morozova!!!!!

Handler and Owner Anna from Russia




July, 18th


Super stolt af disse to:
Truly Yours true spirit-good (Karma) er idag blevet norsk champion i “HOPP”
Hun får titlen N A(H) CH
Dygtig ejer er Bente Liberg









July, 11th


Flot kritik af vores hvalp <3 og BIR til Grayson





June, 28th


Bekymret Zira tager afsked med cocker hvalpene ...
Verdens bedste Nanny<3




June, 24th


My sincere condolences goes out to Bonnie Pike from Kennel Silverhall, who lost her husband earlier today.
I had the opportunity to buy two bitches to match my breeding program.

One of my favorites “Happy”
USA CH Truly Yours Royal Happiness
was proudly Co-Owned and shown in the US by Wilson Pike.
RIP Wilson... a true gentleman ❤





June, 23rd


Truly Yours Bounty Beach Beauty Dream





June, 21st


Jayden aka Truly Yours Chasing Steam had his show debut today at the Spaniel Klub show in Denmark winning BOB baby

under judge Bolette Heering, Denmark



More pics from the spaniel show







Beautiful Grayson is back in the ring ... shown succesfully as a baby-Puppy and now waiting shows to start slowly again after the shut-Down Corona time ...
Proudly to announce He did not forget about attitude and got CAC and BOS on his first show.
Truly Yours Clear Horizon is totally spoiled and living with Michael Hammerich





June, 7th

Kursus for Hundefrisører og elever...
Vores hunde syntes det var fantastisk at være modeller på dagen.

















May, 22nd


Beautiful young Man... Mr Jackson
Patella: 0/0
Eyes free 2020
Sire of the boys born 24/4-2020





Beautiful Macy / Champion Truly Yours True Romance... great and patient mother to the boys born 24/4-2020
Co-owner Tanja Elo





May, 20th


Truly Yours Double Dust, living in France
Owner Justine Le Goff





May, 17th


Samme lækre udtryk... BROWNIE <3
Når en hund er smuk betyder farven ingenting <3





May, 12th


Er hun ikke skøn “Debbie” kom hjem til hvalpe klip i dag... fra vores jule kuld født 27-12-2019





May, 10th


Finishing pictures of my two girls
American CH Truly Yours We have a Brown Secret aka “Brownie”
American CH Truly Yours Easy To Remember aka EASY
Number 35/36 homebred cocker to be Champion in America






May, 3rd


Friendship and collaboration in breeding is the goal.

Our point of view of the correct breed type is a truly example in this beautiful Black and Tan puppy bred by Tanja Elo,

her 4th generation on the father site, and for us truly nostalgic to see

that the mother Truly Yours Swan Queen goes all the way back to the beginning,

8 generations in both parti and solid colors.

No need to say that Regency is one of my favorites, but also walking down memory lane I see my first imports from late Lois Wilson/Glenmurrays Cockers.




May, 2nd


Súper foto af Karma som er bosat I Norge
Og moster til Macy’s hvalpe ... måske vi har nogle små nye agility stjerne iblandt
Tak Bente Liberg




April, 29th


Corona tider... den perfekte familie hund 🤗
Far og søn... skønne billeder fra Frederiksberg
Tak Eliabe Vieira





UsaCH Canch DKCH Truly Yours Mad about Colours aka Safari. One Of the greatest brown cocker.... proud beeing his breeder...

unfortunately not between us any more.
His legacy continues.... he is father to Macy and grandfather to the 4 puppy boys AND grandfather of Karma and great grandfather of the 8 puppies.





More history .... mother and father to late Safari.





April, 28th


One of our all time top Winning bitches...
Multich Truly Yours American Beauty Queen
Owner is Anna Khrustaleva from Russia

“Pamala” has a big fan group all over the world and we are extremely proud of her.

Pamela is “Auntie” littersister to Jazz Jr, father of the big litter 7+1.






Beautiful “Cassie” USA and Canadian CH
Truly Yours Special Summer Edition is the proud Grandmother to the 4 x Boy Band. She is mother to Karma.





First Truly Yours Dogs on the way to be Swedish Blood-Track Champion.
BY Multich. Truly Yours Royal This Is It "ALBERT" x Truly Yours Black N´ Blue
Truly Yours Look That Way
Pic from 2014
Owner Irene Hertz-Pedersen








March, 14th


Extremely proud !!!! We love TEXAS... but reading his amazing critique from Crufts really made me even more happy!!!!

We know that not everybody likes “Chocolate”... our goal for many years has been to produce the best breed type possible with no excuses of colors!!

It’s a hard job, and we are proud having been able to make these quality in outcross breeding, as the gene pool is very small.





This is “Brownie” USA Champion Truly Yours We Have a Brown Secret.
She is half sister to Texas, same mother.
She earned quickly her American title in the magic hands of Marlene Ness in a very young Age.
First time out after being home she won Best in Show at the Danish Specialty Show “Silver-Cup”
Presented by my dear friend Tanja Elo
We did agree that she should spend time
With Tanja, who is keeping her in amazing condition... we have had super results mostly every time she goes to the ring,

and we are just counting the days to her 2 years birthday so she can start having European titles as well.
Owned by Truly Yours.
Exclusively handled in Europe by Tanja Elo





And from the same family “Polly” Truly Yours Crazy In Love
Owned by Tanja Elo and Co-Owned by Truly Yours
A full sister to Texas. In just a few shows she already has several BOB, Danish Junior CH, Finnish Junior Winner 2019

and Best In Show Juniors both in Finland and Denmark







First pic is “Boline” Truly Yours Ridin’ on a High secret... mother to the 3 mentioned dogs, Texas and Polly from 3rd litter,

Brownie from 2nd and repeat and last litter sired by late Safari...
and beautiful highlights with Brownie and Marlene Ness










Danish CH Truly Yours Safari Madness
He is full brother to Brownie and same
Mother as Polly and Texas.
Safari JR is already sire of beautiful puppies In Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.





Not to forget ....
While sister Brownie had fun in USA we had fun here with Nellie, owned by Pia Jean Stolberg Iversen and co-owned by Truly Yours...

She was Danish Junior champion straight in 3 shows and did some great wins... so great that she ended as Top Junior in the breed 2019

and Best Female cocker in our club BOS to the Breed winner!
Nellie will soon be back in the ring.
Truly Yours Something to talk About







March, 10th


There have been ups and downs BUT LOVE and PASSION to the breed.

Truly Yours FCI kennel name since March-9-1981
Thanks to all the lovely People, friends and Clients that have been there with me to share all the happiness.
We are proud celebrating 39 years with own Kennel name and 50 years since the first cocker came into my life in 1970 “Saxdalens Truly Yours”




March, 7th


Great news from Finland
Thank you Tanja Elo




March, 6th


Great Day at Crufts  








February, 16th


.. and Magic did it again
BOB Puppy and 1 in the gundog Group in UK
Huge Congratulations we are so proud
Owned by Kathrine Walden




February, 11th


Our Dream-Team





Some Of the best pictures ever Of Carlos
Thank you Tanja Elo and Elo Olli-pekka
CH Truly Yours Legally The One
Pictured with Judge Luis Catalan
BOS at IDS Fredericia
Specialfly groomed and sponsored with Yuup Products.






February, 9th


A great Day for us...
Tanja Elo did Make US proud again
USACH Truly Yours We Have A Brown Secret did win her 3rd Danish CAC and her first CACIB going BOB... still too Young to get the Champion Title.
Waiting now for the Group
Young Polly ... Truly Yours Crazy In Love won the Junior Class ... and Got today her Danish Junior Champion Title. She was Reserve Best female to bigsister “Brownie”
Girls are Living in Finland with Tanja, and i am so greatful for the super condition, love and handling she is giving the Truly Yours girls.

Thank you Luis Catalan for great compliments to our dogs.
DKCH Truly Yours Legally the One was best male with CACIB.
Lots Of pictures Will come soon.




BOB and BOS in IDS Fredericia




BOG 3 ❤❤❤
Thank You Stephanie Walsh for this win
USA CH Truly Yours We Have A Brown Secret
Handled by Tanja Elo




February, 8th


Truly Yours Clear Magic just won Puppy Group in UK... fingers crossed for BIS ❤❤
Owned by Katherine Walden





February, 2nd


Our Young girl Truly Yours Looking Fabulous aka Isabella made us proud at the DKK open show today winning BOB, and BOG 1.

She showed herself happy all Day and did shine in the Best In Show ring.

Thank you Karin Larsen for great Company today.
Thank you Yuup.





January, 20th


DKUCH Truly Yours Legally The One
Is Sponsored by Yuup






Final count ...2 specialty shows
2 x BOB
2 x BOS
3 x CAC
2 x Junior CAC
2 x Junior club CAC
1 X club CAC
1 x Danish Champion
2 x Best in Show Juniors
1 x Best in Show BOS competition
2 x Reserve BEST iN SHOW
We are proud of our young dogs doing so well
DKuCH Truly Yours Legally The One
USACH Truly Yours We Have A Brown Secret
Truly Yours Crazy In Love
Girls living in Finland with Tanja Elo while Carlos is our spoiled boy at home
Can’t thank Tanja enough for great work of maintaining to perfection.
Thank you to the judges for nice words.






January, 19th


Brand New Champion
Truly Yours Legaly the One “Carlos”
BOS on first Show
BOB on 2nd Show and Best In Show 2
Co-owned by Michael Hammerich
Sponsored by YUUP
Groomed by Tanja Elo




Girl Power!!!!
Polly goes Best In Show Juniors
Brownie goes Best In Show in the BOS competition.




We can not be more proud !!!!
Our one year old super girl POLLY did have a great comeback to Denmark
Truly Yours Crazy in Love, did not only win the Junior Class, she did beat big sister USACH Truly Yours We Have A Brown Secret from Champion class,

getting her first CAC.... just celebrating a brand new CHAMPION, Truly Yours Legally the One,

celebrations his 2 years birthday with the final CAC towards his danish Title.

Carlos Was best male and BOS to young charming Polly who ended as BEST OF BREED shown by perfection by Tanja Elo.
Carlos is sponsored by Yuup.
Thank you very much to judge Colm Beattie for appreciating our dogs.





January, 16th


Happy 2 years Old Carlos!!
Truly Yours Legally The One
His Birthday gift was a bath



January, 11th


First CAC to our Young promissing Girl
Truly Yours Crazy in Love,
Owned Loved and handled in super condition by Tanja Elo proudly Co-Owned by Kennel Truly Yours
Our stunning Brown American Champion and Best In Show Winner, Truly Yours We Have A Brown Secret

was today an outsider between a Line up with Nice parti colours, and did not touch the taste of the Judge.

We Think she looks amazing and million thanks to Tanja for keeping our special Girl in absolutely perfect condition.





January, 10th


Nothing comes “alone”
Happy One year Birthday POLLY
Truly Yours Crazy In Love
In the magic hands Of Tanja Elo
Many hours Of continual maintenance.
You are the best TANJA
Owner/handler/groomer and Proudly Co-Owned by Kennel Truly Yours



January, 7th


Best In Show Winner CH Ashleysown Legal Dream
AKA Harry “grandfather” to our puppies



And sire Of Littlesister
MultiCH Truly Yours Black Horizon




January, 4th


Little history about our Christmas litter.
The little cute Puppy is “littlesister” Hall Of Lords Truly Black Leather, that Michael Hammerich picked up in France as a stud Puppy, from Joanna de Asis, that had borrowed Austin for some breedings.
MultiCH Truly Yours Black Horizon, just passed away, but among many of his pretty puppies, we will always remember some of his most successful offsprings when getting placed at the Worldshow with his progeny group.






January 1st


It was not Easy but Karen So deserve to start the new year having some happiness <3
She took amazing care of one of my old girl “Speedy” who just passed away a few weeks ago over 15 years old, and left her so empty!!
Key was born on Karen’s birthday and it was meant
to be../ so my little “keeper” are now on her way to Belgium. She will be the happiest and most spoiled girl “in town”
Truly Yours Key to My Heart.
Good Luck.